The various faces of the Route verte

La Route verte comprises various facilities, divided into two categories: designated roadways and off-road bike paths.
On paved shoulder.
On-road portions
Some main roads have a paved shoulder at least one metre wide, perfectly safe for use by cyclists.

On designated roadways
On-road portions
Designated roadways are secondary roads with lighter traffic (under 2,000 vehicles per day), officially recognized for bicycle use. Special signs (bicycle and car on a yellow background) indicate routes shared by drivers and cyclists.

Off-road bike paths

Many of the bike paths along La Route verte are laid out on old railway tracks. These multipurpose paths are shared with other users, mainly hikers.






La Route verte est une idée originale de Vélo Québec réalisée avec le ministère des Transports du Québec, le gouvernement du Québec et des partenaires régionaux.