We’ve Come a Long Way!

For 25 years, the Route Verte has given cyclists a one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore the beauty and wonder of Quebec – up close and in person! At over 5,300 kilometres, the Route Verte has the distinction of being North America’s longest network of bicycle trails.

Across Quebec… and Beyond!

In addition to letting cyclists travel from region to region with ease and linking Quebec to Ontario, New Brunswick and the U.S., the Route Verte is the epitome of bicycle-friendly comfort and safety, featuring carefully designed facilities and clear signage throughout.




Acclaimed by local and international media, including the prestigious National Geographic, as one of the best cycling routes in the world, the Route Verte keeps getting better year after year. The experiences it offers are infinite in their variety, including a number of loops, for every type of cyclist: from quiet country backroads to paved shoulders to off-road trails – many of which have breathed new life into abandoned rail lines, far away from motor vehicle traffic and close in touch with nature.